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Judged Anime Icontest

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Welcome to anime_judged, an anime based icontest community where the decisions are based on scores given by a panel of judges rather then votes from the community. Why do this? Well really it's just a different way of doing things. Also, with this system, you're sure to get the consideration you deserve. You won't be competing against any who secretly show their icons to their friends and ask them to vote for them.

There are three places; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Honorable Mention will also be awarded in the event that an icon falls just 1 or 2 points behind third place. In the spirit of most other icontests, there is also "Community Choice" which is awarded by community votes.


As of now the moderators are also the banner makers. If you're interested in becoming a banner maker, please reply to this post. If you're interested in becoming a judge, please see the "Judging" section below.

1. All icons must be anime related.
2. All icons must be 100x100px and 40kb or less.
3. You must be a member to submit an icon.
4. You may enter two, and only two, icons each week.
5. If you've been selected as a judge, you may not enter an icon in that week's theme.
6. Non-members are not allowed to vote for community choice.
7. Please do not show your submission icon to anyone else until after the contest has closed.
8. You may not take any icons without the creator's permission.
9. Respect all Members, Maintainers, and Moderators.
10. Respect the decisions of the judges. (Don't comment with "Well I think" etc.)
11. You may not submit an icon that you did not create.
12. No bashing other people's icons.
13. You may not use fanart, cosplay, etc.

You may submit your icon on Sunday as soon as the theme has been posted (which will usually be around 10pm). You will have until 10pm on Friday night to submit your icon. You may submit two icons for each week's theme.

How to submit: When submitting please put your icon submission, and the URL of your icon.


From the list of approved applicants, three judges will be selected at random for each challenge. Judges will view and rate icons on the same post where everyone else votes for community choice. You won't know who the judges are, and the judges won't know who you are.

Scoring breaks down like this...

Interpretation of Theme - 5 points
Originality - 5 points
Overall Presentation - 10 points

Judging will begin after submissions close on Friday night. Judges will have until 9pm on Sunday to submit their scores. Winners will be announced shortly after.

For more information about judging and how you can become a judge, see this post.

Voting for Community Choice will be posted on Friday night, shortly after submissions have closed. You will have until 9pm on Sunday to submit your vote. You may vote for only one icon. Please do not vote for your own submission.

To cast your vote, simply comment with the number of the icon you wish to vote for.