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Flute's Icons


Judges will be selected at random for each challenge and contacted via email. They will submit their scores in a screened comment on the same entry where others vote for community choice. Judges are to remain unnamed and may not submit icons for the week they are judging.

Judges may award up to five points for interpretation of the theme, five points for originality, and ten points for overall presentation. When you submit your scores, only the total number of points you awarded each icon should be included.

Judges, please title your comment. Something like "Judge" or "Score" is perfectly fine.


Becoming a Judge

To become a judge you must have won at least three icontest awards. This can be proved via links to a result entry or a list of winners that names you, or award banners and links to the communities where you recieved them.

Comment here with that information, as well as your email address. Comments on this entry are screened.
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