Flute's Icons (shinobeeflute) wrote in anime_judged,
Flute's Icons

Banner Makers

Banner Makers will rotate week to week based on a list that is organized alphabetically by screenname. Banners should be posted by the Friday following the contest winners being announced. If you cannot make this deadline, you need not apply.

We ask that you submit two sample banners when you apply. Banners should include the screenname of the creator, what they're being awarded, the week number and theme, as well as the community name. For these sample banners, they were made by "screen_name" for the "Theme" theme of "Week #0".

You may choose any two of the following icons to base your banners on.

If you're interested in becoming a banner maker, please reply to this post with your example banners and your email address. Comments on this entry are screened.
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